Driving is one of the things associated with CB radios. Since the advent of cellular phones, CB radios have gone out of style and are now used by those who will really get a lot of  them in use. One of the main fears associated with driving and operating a radio, however, it that it might lead to accidents.

The Cobra 75WXST 40-Channel CB Radio allows the user to have access of all control in one handheld radio. Its size does not hinder its ability to be very useful to the user with its added features (Last 3 Channels, Scan, Dual Scan, Lock Control, and Volume). For those who are always on the road, this radio might serve you best.


  • 10 NOAA weather channels
  • Unified design; CB fits in your hand
  • 40 CB channels
  • Clearer transmissions and less-noisy reception
  • Channel scan
  • Remote mount system
  • SoundTracker system
  • Illuminated LCD display


The Cobra 75WXST has a lot of good things to offer. There are several positive reviews that point out some of its small but helpful controls.

One of the things that make this unit stand out is its size and form. The 75WXST most enticing feature is its handheld design that integrates all the necessary buttons a user would need such as volume control, scan, memory, etc. It sports an ergonomic curve that fits the hand.

The unit’s set of controls is probably its most discussed aspect. It has lock control so that it doesn’t reset by accident. It also has Scan and Dual Scan for the user to constantly have two channels to switch between.  “Last 3 Channels” is also an option in the unit. It allows the user to look at the last three channels he/she accessed and go back to them.

Audio-wise, the Cobra 75WXST has it covered. It can be used as a PA system but can also be plugged into external speakers for those who want more volume. Other than that, the user can also use the volume control, found on the handheld CB radio’s side, to adjust the volume. The SoundTracker System is its most prominent feature. Soundtracker allows the audio to have less background noise so that it comes out cleaner and more understandable.

As a summation, the Cobra 75WXST is a CB radio Easter egg of sorts. It offers a lot of option, allowing the user to discover and recognize things like switching between two channels fast, reducing background music, etc. Other than those features mentioned above, the unit also offers mounting brackets to lessen the buyer’s purchases and reaches up to 11 miles with a good antenna.


The Cobra 75WXST didn’t have a lot of negative feedback from its users. There are, however, some things that still stuck out to those who bought the unit.

One user complained about overheating of the unit. Because it is made to be used in vehicles, its use as a base station is not recommended.

In terms of its size, the handheld control did not please everybody. It is described by some as “too big”, also stating that its controls are placed in a way that did not make it easy to reach despite being there. The buttons were thought to be too hard as well and the form caters more to right handed people.

Aside from those mentioned above, the more general issue about its need for accessories was raised. Just like other CB radios, the 75WXST also requires accessories such as an antenna and an antenna cable in order for it to be used properly.

To wrap up, the Cobra 75WXST did not garner that much more negative feedback than other CB radios. The greatest complaint was about its form’s inability to cater to all hand shapes and sizes.


The Cobra 75WXST 40-Channel CB Radio is a pretty solid unit. Its handheld feature makes controlling the radio less of a hassle, especially when the user is driving. Its most promising feature, its composition, is also its most criticized aspect, but for the majority of its users, the Cobra 75WXST radio’s shape has been nothing but helpful. However, for its price, it is recommended that shoppers look at other options as well.

Overall, this small, yet inclusive and cleverly packages CB radio unit is promising. If the buyer is not opposed to putting in more money than usual for this unit, it is highly recommended.