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Uniden CMX760 Review Compact CB Radio

If you want a CB radio that is really small because space is very tight then this could well be the one for you. With the controls and display all built into the microphone you can stash the main unit just about anywhere.

Uniden CMX760 CB Radio
Uniden CMX760
Uniden CMX760
9/10Our Score

A discreet unit that offers plenty of flexibility in where it is mounted. With all the controls in the handset changing channels or any settings is a breeze.

Key Features

  • 40 Channel CB Radio
  • Speaker Mic with large, 7-color display and controls
  • NOAA Weather with alerts
  • Local / DX RF gain switch
  • Noise Blanker / Automatic Noise Limiter (NB / ANL)
  • Roger Beep
  • Channel Scan

Also in the box

Speaker microphone with LCD display, mic mount, slide mount, power cord, extension mic cable, instructions.

What’s Great

The CMX760 has a compact base unit and saves a lot of space by incorporating all the controls, display and speaker in the microphone. This allows the main unit to be mounted virtually anywhere as you don’t have to be able to reach it to change channel nor mount it in a position where the speaker is not obstructed. Supplied in the box is an extension cable in case the CB does need to be a little further away from the mic.

Obviously there would have been a potential issue with the keys accidentally being pressed while talking into the mic if it wasn’t for the useful key lock feature. This prevents all sorts of problems with your face changing channels etc.

Having the controls right in the palm of you hand is actually very useful and once you memorize where each button is then you do it instinctively without even having to look. Great for keeping your eyes on the road.

The speaker is surprisingly good considering it is mounted in the microphone. However, not so good when mounted further away in the mic mount (see comment in the cons).

What’s Not So Great

Having all the controls located in the microphone does have two main drawbacks. Firstly, if the mic breaks then that’s it. On other radios you can pick up a fairly cheap replacement microphone and you are back in action. In the event of a failure on this radio you need to purchase the correct replacement. This might ultimately mean that it is uneconomical especially if the CB is a few years old. Secondly, if you want to use a power mic for louder, clearer modulation you are out of luck. So it’s good that this mic is fairly reasonable – it’s certainly adequate for most users just not spectacular.

As mentioned above, sound is pretty good through the handset mounted speaker but mainly because you are directly holding it close to you. However, once mounted in the mic mount and you have put some distance between you and it, then you might experience the limitations of the CBs 2 watts projected through a smaller size speaker. Luckily this is easily solved by using an extension speaker.

Verdict / Bottom Line

I like the appeal of a base unit with microphone mounted controls. You can even tuck the radio under a seat and only have the mic on view. There is a risk of mic failure rendering the whole radio useless without a cheap fix. However, a traditional build CB can also fail so this is a minimal worry. What’s most important is the CMX760 is perfectly capable in both transmit and receive with good sound quality and is well built.

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