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Uniden PC68LTX Review: The Best Mid-priced CB Radio Money Can Buy?

Offering both classic looks and some extra features in a compact unit, the Uniden PC68LTX 40-channel CB radio makes a worthy contender for a place in any vehicle. Let’s take a closer look at this CB radio.

Uniden PC68LTX CB Radio
Uniden PC68LTX
Uniden PC68LTX
9/10Our Score

A very capable radio with some useful features for the money. With controls like microphone gain and RF gain together with noise filtering it’s an attractive package bundled into a compact unit.

Key Features

  • 40 channels
  • Mic Gain Control
  • RF Gain Control
  • ANL (Automatic Noise Limiter)
  • PA Switch
  • Instant Channel 9 (Emergency Channel) Switch
  • Bright / Dim Switch
  • Hi cut switch (cuts high audio frequencies)

Also in the box

Microphone with extra long mic cord, Mounting bracket kit, power cord and user guide.

What’s Great

While smaller cheaper radios are OK for occasional use or if you have limited space, my personal preference is to at least have mic gain and RF gain as additional features. The PC68LTX takes you there with a quality mid-priced package from Uniden’s CB radio line.

It is a small and compact CB radio, with great sound with the added benefit of a high-cut switch that can make things sound less harsh. Having some control over the tone can help with difficult to hear contacts.

While there are more modern radios out there now with push-button menus etc I tend to prefer the simplicity of a old style radio with everything laid out simply in front of you. The PC68LTX has striking looks while also maintaining the old school feel.

The front panel mic connector works well if you have to mount the radio in a tight space as side mount mics need significantly more space to accommodate the plug and cord.

When running a CB in a vehicle it is handy to have some sort of filtering to cut down on unwanted noise – something that can absolutely destroy a weak signal. The PC68LTX features both a Noise Blanker (NB) and Automatic Noise Limiter (ANL) that can reduce static and filter out unwanted electrical noise.

As more of a traditional CB radio user I also much prefer an analog s/rf meter on the PC68LTX over a fully digital version that you’ll find on most new-style, modern radios. It’s an easy to read meter and, along with the bright LED channel indicator, can be dimmed at night so they work well in vehicle cabs after dark.

What’s Not So Great

While the radio delivers clear sound is great some might find there isn’t quite enough volume especially in a more noisy vehicle. Much of this though depends where you have mounted the CB. Like most radios, the underside speaker means mounting location is important. It’s not that big of a deal because there is an extension speaker socket at the back of the radio and these accessories are relatively cheap should you find you need one.

The supplied microphone is standard fare but perfectly adequate. It’s a sturdy mic but doesn’t project as much as I’d like so my usual advice is to move onto a power mic anyway so it’s no biggie.

Verdict / Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a mid-priced CB radio, the Uniden PC68LTX offers solid performance and is a great option. It’s a nicely laid out radio and has some good features that are beneficial to both new and experienced users alike.

Uniden is one of the key brands that have been making CB radios for a long time. If you read other Uniden CB radio reviews you’ll see they consistently deliver great radios. There is plenty of Uniden gear floating around that is many years old (including the original PC68) which shows they know how to make equipment that lasts.

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