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Uniden Pro 510XL CB Radio Review

The Pro 510XL is a small but tough compact mobile 40 channel CB Radio. It’s perfect for those that like simplicity or for those that have limited space to mount it. It’s got a built-in noise limiter which is handy if your vehicles electrical system / engine generates some interference.

Uniden Pro 510XL
Uniden Pro 510XL
Uniden Pro 510XL
7.5/10Our Score

A great little radio for those that just need basic features and have limited space.

Key Features

  • 40 channels
  • LED S/RF meter
  • ANL Switch
  • Volume / Squelch Controls
  • Extension speaker socket

Also in the box

Also included is the mounting bracket and associated mounting hardware, microphone holder and instruction manual.

What’s Great

Uniden have made CB Radios for many years and this particular model has been around for a long time and has a proven track record for durability and reliability.

The basic features mean it is easy to use and, together with its low price point mean it is fantastic as a first-time radio. Being a compact CB means it is easy to find space for and won’t take over your vehicle.

Its maximum legal output power of 4 watts matches other radios, so range will be the same as other more expensive and feature-packed radios. So don’t think the small size and minimal features will restrict range when comparing to bigger and feature-packed CB radios.

The ANL (Automatic Noise Limiter) is helpful in reducing any electrical background noise generated by your engine / vehicle electronics.

Having an external speaker socket is handy should you need to mount the CB somewhere that blocks the internal speaker (under the radio). You might want to add an optional external speaker anyway especially if in an open topped vehicle like a Jeep so you can direct the sound a bit more precisely. While this CB has a decent audio output of 7 Watts, it’s the downward facing position of the speaker that causes the most issues preventing the radio being heard in a more noisy environment. This is how most CBs are constructed so it’s nothing unusual on this Uniden CB.

While I personally prefer the more old fashioned analog signal strength meters, the led display on the 510XL is clear and easy to see.

What’s Not So Great

It’s not exactly bursting with features but for many simplicity is key. Personally I prefer to at least have RF Gain control but that is available on the next model up, the Pro520XL (check it out on Amazon).

I’m generally not a fan of supplied microphones preferring to replace them with a decent power mic. The standard mic that comes with the Pro 510XL offers fairly good performance but is nothing spectacular. If you are doing lots of close range contact then it’s not really an issue. However, when at the edge of your range then loud and clear vocals can make all the difference between being heard or not.

Verdict / Bottom Line

For a budget radio the Uniden Pro510XL is a lovely little performer. It’s rugged and will stand up to a bit of abuse so would be ideal mounted in something like a jeep.

Its small size also means it would make a good emergency radio that can be stored in your trunk without taking up much space. It’s great too for those that want a second CB radio for another vehicle.

So, if you are looking for an easy use and heavy duty CB then the Pro 510 XL could well be the radio for you.

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