The Yaesu FT-7900R amateur radio dual-band transceiver as it’s called is an amateur radio transceiver. It does a fairly good job of transmitting frequencies. These transceivers, like all transceivers, require a licensed Ham radio operator to transmit.

If you are interested in acquiring a technical license for use for your Yaesu original FT-7900R amateur radio, you can easily acquire it by taking a test. The technical license test is about 35 questions and cost just about $15. Operations are pretty easy but can be a bit technical for new operators.

The Yaesu FT-7900R radio features dual-band which both has varying frequencies. The 144 MHz frequency gives 50 Watts of power, while the 430 MHz frequency gives 40 Watts of power. This dual-band radio transceiver is perfect for active Hams who are interested in getting a repeater, simplex or FM satellite operation that utilizes both bands without complications based off cross-band repeat capability.

This radio transceiver utilizes dual bands as stated earlier. The VHF transceiver can travel up to 2 meters, while the UHF transceiver is restricted to 70 centimeters. This mobile radio is designed for optimum use in a vehicle, and is great for camping.

It requires about 12V DC power supply to operate, and can also be made a base radio using a DC power supply which are available online or at any electronic hobbyist shop, thus pretty easy to build.

The FT-7900R is durable and has an auto power-off feature aimed to save your car battery from draining. The time of the FT-7900R transceiver is adjustable. As stated earlier, it requires a license to operate. If you are discovered to be broadcasting using this radio transceiver without a license, you would be fined and the equipment would be confiscated.

The Yaesu FT-7900R is made by a well-known and respected company Yaesu based in Tokyo, Japan and has long been accepted as one of the Amateur radio premium brands. Thus you are guaranteed of hyper quality products.


  • Gives out high power output
  • Wide receiver frequency coverage
  • Features a large LCD display
  • WiRES internet linking capabilities
  • Weather alerts for US users
  • Large memory channels (over 1000)


  • Priced relatively cheap: The price of the Yaesu FT-7900R transceiver is considerably cheap for a dual-band, full coverage radio transceiver.
  • Top quality build: The Yaesu FT-7900 dual-band transceiver is made by a reputable Japanese company, and the quality of the transceiver is top-notch.
  • High Power Output: The FT-7900R transceiver can give out 50 Watts of power on 144 MHz and 40 Watts of power on 430 MHz. There also provision for three lower power levels, allowing you choose your power need comfortably. Power levels are stored in both regular and hyper memory registers.
  • Wide Coverage Area of Receiver Frequency: The FT-7900R radio transceiver has wide frequency coverage. It covers frequency from 108 to 420 Mhz and 700 to 999.99 MHz (cellular blocked). This allows you to enjoy a wide coverage/ activity. You can comfortably cover AM aircraft, businesses, government, public safety, and amateur communications. The best part is, the synthesizer steps best suited for each band are automatically selected.
  • NOAA Weather Alert: You can easily recall up to NOAA weather frequencies, thanks to a memory bank on the FT-7900R transceiver. You can also enable a special “Severe Weather Alert” feature which would sound an alarm when a NOAA station transmits the special alert tone during a severe weather alert broadcast.
  • One-Touch Recall: There’re five front panel keys fitted on this transceiver for easy, and convenient one-touch recall. Easily set your favorite frequencies in each operating band, including the receive-only bands and recall them easily with just a push of a button.
  • Large memory channels: The Yaesu FT-7900R radio transceiver has an incredible memory capacity that allows it to register over 1000 channels. Each of the channels is able to store a label containing 6 Alpha-Numeric characters. There are over 20 memory groups available for easy storage of memories.
  • Large LCD display: The Yaesu FT-7900R has a large backlit LCD which ensures maximum visibility.


  • Complicated menu system: The Yaesu FT-7900R dual-band radio transceiver menus are a bit complicated for first-time users, and as such might be difficult to understand how to program for such users.


Overall, the Yaesu FT-7900R dual-band radio transmitter is a great radio. It can be used as a base radio with a DC power supply. It also has a wide reach, allowing it to hit repeaters up to 60 miles away with just 25 Watts of power.

The recall keypads of the dual-band receiver make it easy to select memory channels. U.S users also have access to NOAA weather alert. The radio is priced considerably cheap, so it is budget friendly. Generally, it is an excellent device for amateur users.