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Radioddity CB 27 Pro Review

If you are looking for a mini CB radio then the Radioddity CB 27 measuring just 4 inches by 4 inches and only 1 inch tall, is certainly going to fit the bill. What’s more it can operate in both AM and FM mode allowing you to take advantage of the FCC approval of FM back in 2021 – the biggest thing that has happened to CB in decades.

Radioddity CB-27 Pro CB Radio
Radioddity CB 27 Pro
Radioddity CB 27 Pro
7.6/10Our Score

If you are looking for a small, discreet and simple to use CB that can also transmit on FM, then this could well be the radio for you.

Key Features

  • 40 Channels with both AM and FM Modulation Modes
  • RF Gain Control
  • 19 / 9 Instant Emergency Channel Switch
  • 4 Watts Power Output
  • ASQ Automatic Squelch with 9 levels
  • RF Gain Control
  • External Speaker Capabilities


Also in the box

Microphone, mounting bracket and screws, anti slip mat, spare fuse and user manual

What’s Great

For me the thing that stands out the most apart from its small stature is that this is an FM capable CB. Since the FCC approved FM mode for use on Citizens Band in late 2021 it added an exciting new dimension to our hobby. Preferred by many Amateur Radio users as it is less sensitive to noise – try it, you’ll love it!

It’s handy to have an RF Gain on a basic radio as it’s often a feature that is cut to keep the cost down. Let’s face it we mostly run a radio with it set full as we should, but it is handy to be able to reduce the receiver sensitivity if there are further away stations coming through on the channel when you are talking locally.

Performance is great and certainly good as any other budget (and legal) CB offering clear audio quality in both receive and transmit. Receive sensitivity of the radio is absolutely fine with radio reports that modulation was loud and clear, certainly on my local contacts.

Channel scanning is a useful feature of these modern radios that you really appreciate when driving. Auto squelch is another benefit of more recent CB radios and certainly very useful with more local contacts. You are safe in the knowledge that it will back off the squelch if it needs to. Or course, you can use it as a manual squelch just like the old days should you wish to.

The backlit display is clear albeit limited in size but all the important information is on there and probably more than a traditional CB radio. The channel number is clear as is the signal strength which is probably the most important items anyway.

Lastly, it is well constructed and looks like it could take some impact – apart from the microphone connection. I just don’t feel as comfortable with RJ45 type mic connections as they can have a tendency to break if you pull at the mic cord excessively.

What’s Not So Great

Obviously considering its size you know the built in speaker is not going to be very big and therefore the sound isn’t amazing. It’s certainly adequate, just not amazing. The results you get are going to mostly be dependent on where you end up mounting the radio.  However, any sound issues are easily solved as the CB 27 Pro does come with an external speaker jack. In fact, at the back of the radio this is only joined by the antenna socket connection (SO239 socket) so don’t expect to be able to connect a PA speaker.

While I am pleased it has RF Gain access for this and the squelch control is via the menu and the up and down buttons located on the microphone. I’m more old-fashioned and prefer knobs on the front of the radio to control this. However, I concede that the size of the unit has been kept down by using a menu system so I’ll just accept the two-step process.

The microphone is not great but functions OK. I’m a fan of changing out the provided standard mics on most radios. However, as this has up and down function buttons built-in and uses an RJ45 connection so replacement is not so easy. Saying that it isn’t bad per se and considering what most will use this type of CB for then most users will probably be happy. – just don’t break it!

Verdict / Bottom Line

Along with the Uniden CMX760 this is one of the most compact CBs on the market at the moment.

It’s the ideal radio for those that have limited space in their vehicle, those that want something very discreet or even something can be stored in the glovebox only for irregular or emergency use.

As an old-timer in the world of CB Radio I’m still amazed at how small they can get these radios.  If space is limited then you should strongly consider the Radioddity CB 27 Pro.

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